SSTIC 2020 - Live stream

~30-60s delay in HLS
Time shift
Use player controls to seek about 15 minutes of buffer (if available)

Change quality settings if you encounter buffering, long loading times, or stuttering.
Sync to live, refresh page or use a standalone player if you encounter blank video/time issues.

Live chat with authors

Available streams are listed below. To watch:

  • RTMP: open the desired stream URL with mplayer or VLC
  • HLS: open the desired stream URL with mplayer, VLC, Quicktime, Safari or an iOS / Android web browser
Quality HLS (TCP/80) RTMP (TCP/1935)
Automatic live.m3u8 -
1080p @ 4 Mbits/s live_hi/index.m3u8 live_hi
720p @ 2 Mbits/s live_mid/index.m3u8 live_mid
540p @ 1 Mbits/s live_low/index.m3u8 live_low

  • The HTML5 player uses HLS only
  • Stream delay varies between 5-10 seconds (RTMP) and 30-60 seconds (HLS) || June 3-5, 2020, Rennes (France) || Schedule (CEST)